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This website presents a map and directory using data from Murmurations.

The map and directory presented here pull data from the live-index.

For testing please see the test map.

You can make a profile, using the Profile Generator, to see your entry pop up on the map and in the directory.

How to make a profile:

  1. Visit the Profile Generator
  2. To make it easy to save your profile, Register first
  3. Select organizations_schema-v1.0.0
  4. Fill in the form and click Submit
  5. Provide a name for your profile – This wont be shown on the map, it’s just to help you identify this profile
  6. Click ‘Save profile’ – your test profile will be saved, and posted to the test-index
  7. Alternatively, you can copy the JSON code which is generated, save this to a .json file, upload it a webserver, and submit the URL to the Test-index directly via the API
    1. Open the Post section of the API on SwaggerHub
    2. Click ‘Try it out’
    3. Replace the example URL “” with the real URL of your profile
    4. Click ‘Execute’

The map and directory are updated daily so, if you make a test profile, don’t expect to see it pop up straight away!
Grab a bite… Come back tomorrow and refresh and it should be there…

Please do not submit test, or inaccurate data to the live, production Index, that’s what this test site is for.